Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hi~~ everybody~~~ Ray its come back~~~

hi  frenz~ do u miss me?
erm~~ i very miss you all~ im already 4month dint upload my blog  dy~
verry sorry~ coz dint have any time to playing my computer~
now im already working in sushi king~
and  now i am kitchern crew~ and i have many malay friend in johor~
but ~~ chinese friend~ i still dint have~~

this  september~ i will when back to penang~
im verry happy~ and i can  meet back mind brothers~
mind best friend~ but ~ she~ still dunwant talk to me~
i hope she can give me a change to be her boy friend~
i miss her very much~  i love her~ i miss her~

do u miss me? girl~~
well~~~ erm~~ hey ~ my penang friend~ wait me yarh~~~
Ray its come back soon~~~~

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